10 Reasons to Learn Martial Arts

In this 21st century, kids and youth all have now been used to modern gadgets and equipment like video games, play stations and specially internet using which they can do anything sitting at home. Still they like to play outside with friends but have you ever thought this passion of playing can be used in making them learn martial arts.

Karate, judo, kick boxing and a lot more are the various options you can use to get yourself perfected in martial arts. Learning martial arts is not only fun but will benefit a lot more than that helping in every aspect of life and will give positive results. People face problems like obesity, violence and many other problems which they are not able to fight off, so getting trained in martial arts will help you to get away from these problems. Be it children, men or woman everybody can take classes of martial arts and develop their own inner self. I am sure many of you must be thinking why only martial arts should be learned. Here are the top 10 reasons why one should learn and train in martial arts:


Getting influenced by positivity makes every individual’s life better. The more you are surrounded by positive influences, the more you interact with people. Joining martial arts sessions will give you the same feeling as you get to interact socially with positive people around you. You will have many people of various age groups from kids to adults who will always have great companionship with everybody and bring out positive influences for you. This will always leave an everlasting impact on you and make you feel more positive towards life.


It is an obvious thing that you try to set a goal and try to achieve it through meaning in your daily life. Just like that martial arts teaches you to set a goal by setting up an end in your mind. This built in system of earning belts helps to focus on the aim of your goal peacefully by letting you do hard work. Once you achieve your desired goal, then it will give you better results which will carry on throughout your life.


Many people are short tempered and lose patience which becomes violent at times. Martial arts training helps you to control your inner self and be at peace. It teaches not only your body but your mind also to be in control. Once you start practicing, you will be able to feel the real calmness in yourself. Before defending yourself you need to defend your inner self by controlling your emotions too.


Being coordinated in life is as important as being in self-control. Martial arts is such a technique to make yourself perfect in co-ordination. But it will only be formulated with growing time as it involves hand, feet, concentration and psychological co-ordination. All these are required at a very high level because it will make you feel complete after its accomplishment. You just need to keep on practicing to make your body co-ordinating with the pace of the training. Martial arts help you to enhance these abilities with every step of learning.


Who dosen’t wants to learn about the basic but essential life skills. Of course every individual wants this, so the best way to gain your life skills is through the activity of martial arts. Giving respect, having focus on something, showing courtesy, setting and achieving goals are some of the most important life skills that you will learn in the training of martial arts. With every phase of the training you will keep on maturing in these skills and even help to share it with others. Concentrate and try to understand the basic meaning of the activity and the message it conveys towards you. If you develop these skills you will go far and achieve success in your life in any field.


Are you a fitness freak? Or are you not concerned about your health? Being healthy and fit is everybody’s concern in today’s time. But there are many people who are not able to look after themselves and either gain weight or lose weight simultaneously. Trying many remedies to get over of all this but still not able to achieve any results, so the best way to be fit is to join any of the martial arts training and start your way towards a healthy life. Apart from fighting or self defense it makes you focus on your physical fitness and improve your flexibility, stability, endurance and strength at a faster rate. You keep on learning martial arts and see a drastic change in your fitness level when your muscular strength increases and makes your body powerful. Since it is just like exercise, it develops and enhances versatility which leads towards a healthier lifestyle for people belonging to any age.


You must have often heard and seen that many traditional sports activities are regarded as team activity and being a sport. But here martial arts unlike others is not about teamwork but about enhancing and improving your individual personality. It pushes you towards a challenge of achieving your best without any distractions and your own hard work. Martial arts training teaches you principles and rules of life that you should instill in your character when it starts getting developed. Day by day you become better by involving yourself in the training which makes you stronger and discover your inner-self.


Being disciplined in and about life is a must for everybody. Although as a fact, martial arts can be harmful for the people trying to attack you but it mainly focuses on teaching you to respect and motivate others who are positive about life. Self-discipline is itself a trait of its own in your soul which not only provides you with the ability to make choices but makes you accountable for your own actions. Just like you develop your skills with a growing pace, you develop a high level of self-discipline.


Many people lack confidence if it comes to regarding anything. So, learning martial arts will help you to gain this lacking confidence with time. As you start getting trained in martial arts your confidence level increases moving up to the ranks. You are not only evaluated against other persons but against your potential too. Although martial arts is based on the many other terms but it basically helps you to achieve success by boosting your confidence. Each time you achieve your success through your dedication and hard work, your confidence level increases within yourself.


So, here comes the most important and crucial part of learning martial arts as well as for life. Have you ever given thought to why people fail to protect themselves at times?  That’s because they are not able to defend themselves. So go for a martial arts class because it most importantly teaches you self-defense which will not only help to protect yourself but save other people’s lives as well. For girls especially, it’s the best way to indulge yourself in any of the martial arts training sessions as it will make you fight against anyone who may try to harm you. Children are especially taught how to avoid confrontations after they recognize a potentially dangerous situation. Martial arts teaches you strategic self defense.