About us

About the Budo Centre

The Budo Centre is first and foremost a karate training centre for people of all ages. The atmosphere is friendly and laid back, while keeping discipline, respect and hard work at its core. Fitness, self-discipline and relaxation are also part of the karateimagesCA93X7N9 training. The centre is a place where each person can progress at his/her own pace. Karate’s tradition is kept through the practice of Kata and the teaching of karate’s rich history. Although Wado Kai Karate is taught at the Centre, the students are also taught principles and techniques of other styles (Wado Ryu, Shotokan, Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu, and Kyokoshin Kai Karate). Some basic Aikibudo, Jeet Kune Do techniques are also integrated into the karate teachings. André’s Budo Centre Inc. is licensed by the City of Edmonton.

About The Instructor

Sensei André Beauregard is the chief instructor at the Budo Centre. He started his karate training in 1985 in Kyokoshin Kai karate in Montréal. His instructors were Shihan André Gilbert (6th Dan) and Sensei Alain Bonamie (3rd Dan). His main instructor during his first three years plus of karate training was Sensei Alain Bonamie (3rd Dan), a Canadian and international kick boxing champion. Then, in April 1988, Sensei André moved to Edmonton where he continued his karate training in Wado Kai karate at the Westmount YMCA under Sensei Randy James (2nd Dan at the time). In 1993, André was awarded his black belt and 1st Dan level. He received his 2nd Dan in 1995, his 3rd Dan in 1998, his 4th Dan in 2004 and his 5th Dan in 2010. André also has some knowledge of Aikibudo, Jeet Kune Do,  and Philippino kali stick training; however, his main expertise is in karate. Sensei André has also been certified in First Aid by St. John Ambulance since 1993. He is also an RCMP Auxiliary Constable since 2006 with the Sherwood Park, Alberta division. Within the RCMP, Sensei André has attained the level of community peace officer; is part of the RCMP Bicycle Patrol Unit during the summer and assists in talks on personal safety in daycares around the Sherwood Park Community.