Class Registration and Ranking Fees

The monthly fees are based on the number of times a person attends training at the centre.

The monthly fees are as follows:

1 class per week - $ 70/mo.

2 classes per week - $ 85/mo.

3 classes per week - $ 110/mo.

4 classes per week - $135/mo.

5 classes per week - $150/mo.

* Inquire about our family rate with 2, 3 or more family members, our private training sessions and special group safety training program rates. 

Ranking fees are $15 for the transition belt (two-colored) and $50 for the national belt (full-color). The national belt fees are set by the Toronto Wado Kai Karate Organization. You will be advised if the national belt ranking fees change.

Karate tournaments, seminars, training camps and workshops fees are to be determined. Add $5 per class for snacks. 

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